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Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it. 
- Albert Schweitzer

Building Your Toolbox


Identify: A Support Group for Female-Identifying and Non-Binary, Neurodiverse People

To allow female-identifying or non- binary, neurodiverse adults to connect, learn about what neurodiversity means to them and apply strategies for navigating everyday life

Tuesday Nights 6-7:30pm, virtual
Feel free to drop in!

Coming soon:
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Parents: Strategies to support your child
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Kids: Building your toolbox
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Teens: Building your toolbox
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Adults: Building your toolbox
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy for Teens: Learning the Strategies
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy for Adults: Learning the Strategies