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The brain is wider than the sky!
- Emily Dickinson

I offer assessment services for children, adolescents, and adults. These assessments help to identify an individual's strengths and challenges, and can be most helpful when there are questions about:

  • Academic functioning (e.g., giftedness or learning concerns) 

  • Cognitive functioning

  • Memory functioning

  • Attention and/or behavioural functioning

  • Developmental functioning

  • Autism 

Assessments can be helpful in providing guidance for support in:

  • Classrooms (e.g., IEP, accommodations)

  • Access to other services (ODSP, DSO)

  • Treatment (e.g., informing occupational or speech therapy)

  • Psychotherapy

  • Mental Health Functioning (e.g., mood and anxiety)

Assessments include:

1) Obtaining background information
2) Completing questionnaires (by the individuals, caregivers, educators)
3) Standardized testing

It is important to note that children who attend publicly run school boards and public mental health agencies may be eligible for assessment free of charge. You may wish to inquire about these services and their wait times.  

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